How do I enrol my child?

Parents have a right to enrol their children in their local school. To find out which school is your local school, see the school home area maps.
Contact the school office on 6343100 to enrol your child.
If you are enrolling your child in a Tasmanian Government school for the first time you will need to complete an enrolment form and provide:

  • details of any needs your child may have to help their school better support and protect your child, including medical information such as any allergies and your child’s immunisation history
  • evidence of identity for you and your child (e.g. birth certificates or other prescribed identification)
  • a document showing your child’s current residential address.

Schools use this information to provide positive, safe and equitable learning environments for all children and support students’ progress through their education.

The school has developed a levy structure in line with the Department of Education’s Levy Policy, this is reviewed annually. 

School levies and charges form an essential proportion of school income. All parents and guardians, other than those approved under the Student Assistance Scheme are expected to contribute towards the cost of their child’s education.

The student levy contributes towards the cost of your child’s educational program studied across years 7 – 10.  The activities and materials are a necessary part of the curriculum.  All parents or guardians, other than those approved for Student Assistance (STAS) are required to contribute towards the cost of their child’s education through levies.

Kings Meadows High School endeavors to include all student learning requirements within the Student Levy.   However, to maintain the quality and broad flexible learning opportunities the school requires payment for students choosing optional activities due to the costs associated with running these.

  • Financial assistance:
    Families on low incomes who meet the eligibility conditions of the Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) will not be required to pay school levies.  Grandparents raising grandchildren may also be eligible for STAS.
  • Families who are not eligible for STAS, but who may experience financial hardship should talk to the school about payment arrangements and other financial assistance which may help.
  • School staff understand that financial matters are highly sensitive, so your questions will remain completely confidential.